H2 Studies


Because of our science-based philosophy, many doctors and scientific specialists support us and our products. There are over 3000 doctors that educate their patients about molecular hydrogen water and recommend it to them as a therapeutic benefit.



We have over 20 different patents on our hydrogen water machines, which are designed to give you the MOST advanced technology. Our technology is designed to always provide you with the highest possible molecular hydrogen. We also pride ourselves in providing, through your machine, nine platinum-covered electrodes with five layers of platinum. This is nearly double our largest competitor’s electrode and layer count.



Your health is important to us, and we’ll give you everything you need to help your health improve. Our products are designed to give up to triple the normal amount of therapeutic hydrogen to the body. More hydrogen in your water means better health.



Second to air only, water is most crucial to our existence. Sadly, we do not always have the best water available at our fingertips. It needs to be clean, pure, and hydrating. Our hydrogen water machines purify and clean your water so that you can have clean drinking water with molecular hydrogen for better health.



We believe that the human body is designed to be self-healing. Every man, woman, and child should have access to solutions that help them realize optimal health and improve quality of life. Synergy Science™ provides education and industry-leading solutions to support a network of professionals. These professionals then assist individuals in restoring optimal health and well-being using innovative products that improve hydration, enable detoxification and gut recovery, and reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.



There are nearly 1,000 studies on hydrogen, 150 of which are actual human disease model studies. All of these studies back up the science of hydrogen and its therapeutic role in the body. Our mission is to show you, through scientific evidence, that anyone can heal their own body with hydrogen and better health habits.

Filter Test Results

These filter test results show the composition and effectiveness of the main internal filters that are used in our Echo Product Line.

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