CBD + Nicotine Reduction

Alternatives to Cigarettes

CBD vs. Cigarettes

Smoking has been around for a long time; not only is it an addiction, it is also a social activity- people enjoy the process of smoking: lighting up, watching the smoke, sharing smoking time with others. Even though they know the health risks, they still do it. They watch others die of lung cancer, heart disease and other smoking-related health issues, yet most smokers continue to light up.  But what if there were an alternative, a way to get the enjoyment of smoking and yet lessen the detrimental effects?

There is, and it has a lot of names:

 Vape, vaping, vaporizing, E Cigarettes…

Regardless of what you call it, it’s a way to get the enjoyment of smoking with what is starting to look like a lot less health damage. Many smokers are finding vaping a great alternative to cigarette smoking,  and with the availability of CBD oils, the alternative is better.


Tobacco smoke- loaded with tar.

Vaporized oil- no tar.

Tobacco- loaded with carcinogenic chemicals including formaldehyde, benzene, arsenic and MANY more. Most of these chemicals are known carcinogens.

CBD Vape Oil- CBD oil, glycerin, glycol, sometimes a flavoring. That’s it.


Tobacco/cigarette- a fire hazard.  Fall asleep with a cigarette or drop a lit cigarette, you can start a fire.

Vape- the oil is heated inside a chamber. There is no actual fire burning and the heating element is enclosed in the e-cigarette or vaporizer.


Cigarettes cost from $6 to $15 a pack, making smoking an expensive as well as unhealthy habit; vaping is a significantly cheaper activity.

If you’re looking to get off cigarettes, we can help. Try our line of CBD vape oils and replace tobacco and its long list of carcinogens with what’s appearing to be a promising alternative that just might promote overall wellness.