CBD Oils of Long Island is now offering a trilogy of Wellness Products.

CBD Oils

 for your Endocannabinoid system

To learn more about the Endocannabinoid system please click on this link: www.phytecs.com



Advanced Vascular Circulation Enhancement- improved microcirculation

Echo H2 Water System

with Bio Resonance Technology for improved gut health

To learn more about the benefits of H2 water please visit https://www.synergyscience.com/h2-studies/

To learn more about bio resonance please visit https://synergyscience.org/synergyresonance/

Brand Partner with Nu Life Ventures, please call if interested in ordering the Avacen or Echo H2 Water System.

Bioresonance Frequency-every cell and body part as well as viruses, pollen, toxins, and bacteria has a specific wavelength or frequency.

The Echo H2 Water System uses synergy Bioresonance Technology – Allowing to add Bio-Frequency to your water.

This Powerful Combination of Synergistic Combination of pure hydrogen water with energetic frequency is a revolutionary approach to good health.

Craig Zaffe


CBD Oils of Long Island was founded on a belief that hemp and cbd can not only heal our embattled endocannabinoid system, but our planet as well. Our founder, having a life long background in horticulture ensures that your cbd oils is an asset to the community and is a purveyor of the best hemp based products on the market today.

Craig zaffe speaks regularly at cannagather in ny and is a contributor and supporter of honeysuckle magazine.


With every product you purchase, a portion of
the proceeds will go to Project CBD

Project CBD

CBDs Heal Our Embattled Endo-Cannabinoid System

 Of the 3-million-plus edible plants that grow on earth, no other single plant source can compare with the nutritional value of hempseeds.  Both the protein and essential oil contained in hempseeds are optimal and ideal ratios for human nutrition. The composition of the protein in hempseed is unique in the plant kingdom. Sixty-five percent of the protein content in hempseed is in the form of globulin edestin. This exceptionally high edestin content, along with albumin, another globular protein contained in all seeds, means that the readily available protein in hempseed contains all the essential amino acids in ideal proportions to assure your body has the necessary building blocks to create other proteins such as disease fighting-immunogloblins-antibodies whose job it is ward off infections before symptoms of sickness set in.

Benefits of our CBD


All of our sourced products are Non GMO, gluten-free, and tested to ensure the best quality CBD Oil available


Choose from a wide variety of sourced products and flavors including sprays, drops, balms, capsules, and softgels


In order to bring you the highest quality CBD products, we believe it is imperative to be a part of every step of the supply chain process. That’s why, from harvesting the hemp seeds, to laboratory testing for quality we ensure our suppliers pass along exceptional finished products for us, We are committed to going the extra mile. That’s our commitment to you.

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